what to do with a slow business

What to do when business is slow

If you are self-employed or thinking of becoming self-employed, then you really need a plan of action ready for when business is slow, or even non-existent!

The video above explains the idea behind why I would take time out in any slow period to play golf, go swimming, maybe even go hiking for the day in the mountains.

Why would I do this?

In the early days, I would do the same as most people, knuckle down, think positive thoughts and work twice as hard to find new business… followed by more doubling up on marketing efforts, bashing head against brick way and so it goes on…

And you wonder why 4 out of 5 small businesses fail within the first 12 months.

We are all human, even the likes of such great entrepreneurs as Sir Richard Branson, are you any better than he?
As I became more experienced in running a business and having read many business books from various authors it became apparent that all of the hugely successful business owners are always quick to take a step back to get some fresh air, exercise and simply have fun whenever things would go well, but also when things would go not so well.

In contrast I have seen many friends completely burn out during slow periods in their businesses, which would inevitably end in them returning to the world of employment.

Why Golf Could Turn Slow Business Around

So maybe you hate golf. That doesn’t matter!
Let me share with you why I believe golf is one of the best answers to a slow business.

  1. It stimulates you physically, oxygenating the blood and allowing you to think clearly (sitting around with a fishing rod in your hand does not do this).
  2. It requires mental focus, you must consider your stance and concentrate on the swing or else the ball will fly off in all directions as seen on my video! The benefit of this is that it completely distracts you from any problems going on in your business.
  3. You can play with others, this allows you to bring friends along to chat through your problems in a relaxed environment or have your friends distract you further from the problems at hand.
  4. After enjoying a fun invigorating round of golf you will want nothing more to get back to work all guns blazing.
  5. Many other business owners like to play golf, so get some practice in when business is slow so that you can invite your accountant/tax adviser out for a game when business is good.


golf for slow businessThe problem with just trying to knuckle down and work through your problems in the business without taking a break is that you WILL exhaust yourself.
This leads to you eventually hating your business and possibly even hating yourself.

So there you go, that is my 2 cents worth…

Next time your in a rut in your business go play some golf and enjoy yourself.

Remember, life is for living, so go enjoy it while you are still young enough to do it. After all none of us are getting any younger!


Ben Gillott

Odd Job Man

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