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An alert counselor took him back to the infirmary where the camp nurse treated his allergic reaction, gave him a dose of albuterol, and Dylan quickly improved. The nurse then called Dylan’s parents to notify them of his allergic reaction to the horse, report that he was fine again, and suggested that they have him evaluated by an allergist..A full scale injury or Macro trauma is a noteworthy injury which could be cause because of a fall or some of same kind of incident. This may have happened either as a grown up or it could have even occurred as far back as adolescence with an occasion like tumbling off of a bike. In either case the head may have been misshaped somehow as the injury or knocks may have happened around the jaw..Secondly, it better to check the product before you commit. Verifying the condition of the vehicles is a must. It vital that you request to view the vehiclesbefore the event. 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